"Constantly replacing the 'disposable' plastic telephones in use at our facility when they became damaged was expensive and time-consuming for our staff.  We chose to replace these telephones with the Ceeco SSW-321-F series of vandalism-resistant stainless steel wall telephones and have been very pleased with the durability and performance the Ceeco telephones have demonstrated.  We also appreciate that Ceeco was able to accommodate the needs of our facility by offering various armored handset cord lengths and a range of circuitry options, including fully programmable and noise-reducing models."

Ian Halliday, Information Technologist 2

Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare

Ohio Department of Mental Health

 “We look forward to doing business with a company [CEECO] that cares about the products they produce and the customers they serve.”

Richard Williams, Telecommunications Manager
Florida State University

”We have been using CEECO emergency telephones for nearly 10 years. They have proven to be dependable and well worth the investment. CEECO’s service is excellent.”

Ritta Riddick, Communication Services
Jackson Memorial Hospital

”Several years ago, we had our pay phones removed by the telephone company. We still however, required public access telephones for our campus. We installed our own system, but unfortunately, the light duty wall sets we selected lacked the durability and required constant replacement. We then turned to CEECO and its stainless steel wall telephones. CEECO’s telephone solution has saved us money in replacement costs for both equipment and labor and virtually eliminated vandalism problems. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision, and we will continue to install CEECO equipment to provide our students, faculty, and visitors with a reliable public telephone solution.”

Ed Hauser, Director of Physical Plant
Trinity-Pawling School

"For ten years, CEECO has provided high-quality telephone equipment and services to the San Francisco International Airport. One of the primary reasons we use CEECO is quality. Its products are not only attractive and easy to maintain, but are also built to last, which significantly lowers our cost of ownership."

Jeff Farrington, Manager of Telecommunications Operations
San Francisco International Airport


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