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Price: $362.00

Weight: 7lbs

Strong and compact small stainless steel surface mount wall telephone with a keypad for standard dialing.  Phone is constructed with a marine ... more info


Price: $175.00

Weight: 6lbs

HOB red open style outdoor telephone enclosure is constructed of heavy duty steel and are designed to be weather resistant and surface ... more info

Price: $511.95

Weight: 7lbs

Emergency phone with ADA features.  Rugged small stainless steel wall mount handsfree speakerphone with push button for ring-down operation and ... more info


Price: $54.60

Weight: 1lbs

Magnetic Chrome Hookswitch through cradle only.  No tongue required.  Switch configuration is one side SPDT, one side SPST.  ... more info

Price: $342.00

Weight: 7lbs

The SSW-321-X: Strong and compact small stainless steel surface mount wall telephone for ring-down operation.  The telephone will accept ... more info


Price: $24.95

Weight: 0.145625lbs

Network for CEECO telephone


Price: $48.25

Weight: 2lbs

 18" Armored cord handset without lanyard.  

Price: $291.00

Weight: 5lbs

Durable stainless steel flush mount panel telephone for standard keypad dialing.  Equipped with marine quality chrome tone dial keypad and ... more info

Price: $362.00

Weight: 7lbs

SSW Series:  Our rugged compact phones are designed for your most abusive enviroments. This series offer the durability and reliability to ... more info

Price: $976.95

Weight: 17lbs

Distinctly noticeable blue light emergency handsfree speakerphone for both indoor and outdoor locations. Constructed with a stainless steel panel ... more info
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