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Model: Small wall keypad phone
Price: $345.00

Weight: 7lbs

SSW Series:  Our rugged compact phones are designed for your most abusive enviroments. This series offer the durability and reliability to ... more info

Model: autodial & dial emergency phone
Price: $530.00

Weight: 10lbs

Weather resistant emergency stainless steel phone in an open enclosure wall mount red housing with telephone handset emblem on sides. Designed with ... more info

Model: Large Wall Speakerphone Keypad
Price: $532.00

Weight: 16lbs

Vandal resistant stainless steel wall mount payphone size handsfree speakerphone with keypad, push button for dial tone, and red/green LED light ... more info

Model: Mini Wall Dial Telephone
Price: $345.00

Weight: 7lbs

SSW-321 Series: CEECO's most popular and longest standing handset model provides universities and colleges long-lasting, reliable emergency, ... more info

Model: Weatherproof Housing, Black TEL
Price: $215.00

Weight: 13lbs

Vandal resistant, weatherproof housing only, pin latch, Black with "TELEPHONE" on door.  Ideal weatherproof telephone ... more info

Model: Mini ADA Autodial Speakerphone
Price: $485.00

Weight: 7lbs

Emergency phone with ADA features.  Rugged small stainless steel wall mount handsfree speakerphone that dials a preprogrammed number from ... more info

Model: Automatic Dial Weather Resistant
Price: $390.00

Weight: 10lbs

Weather and vandal resistant stainless steel phone in an open enclosure wall mount black housing with telephone emblem on sides. Designed to ... more info


Model: HOB Housing, black
Price: $145.00

Weight: 6lbs

HOB black open style outdoor phone enclosure isconstructed of heavy duty steel and are designed to be weather resistant and surface ... more info


Model: Ferrule for Handset Armored Cabl
Price: $1.95

Weight: 0.03125lbs

Armored cord ferrule for handsets

Model: Mini Prison Phone w/Keypad
Price: $345.00

Weight: 7lbs

Strong and compact small stainless steel surface mount wall telephone with a keypad for standard dialing.  Phone is constructed with a marine ... more info


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