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331-016 spring loaded door option


Model: Spring Load for WPP door
Price: $25.00

Weight: 2lbs

Spring loaded door option for vandal resistant, weatherproof telephones and housings.


Model: Microswitch
Price: $4.95

Weight: 1lbs

Microswitch for hookswitches (CEECO)

Model: Mini Prison Phone - ring-down
Price: $475.00

Weight: 7lbs

Rugged small stainless steel wall mount handsfree speakerphone with push button for ring-down operation and  red LED light to indicate phone is ... more info

Model: Wall, speaker autodial & keypad
Price: $622.00

Weight: -1lbs

Robust heavy gauge stainless steel flush mount or surface mount panel handsfree speakerphone with keypad and automatic dialer. The black push button ... more info

Model: second number autodialer
Price: $542.00

Weight: 16lbs

Stainless steel wall mount payphone size handsfree speakerphone that automatically dials a preprogrammed number from 1-11 digits when the button is ... more info


Model: UL Jack
Price: $19.95

Weight: 0.09375lbs

Modular Jack with UL protection for CEECO Telephones.

Model: Keypad dial Speakerphone
Price: $520.00

Weight: 10lbs

Weather and vandal resistant stainless steel handsfree speakerphone in an open enclosure wall mount black housing with telephone symbol on sides. ... more info


Model: Prison Phone Power Supply
Price: $250.00

Weight: 7lbs

Power supply for the SSP-350-X (power for up to 6 pairs or 12 units) Input 100-240 VAC, 2A, 50/60 HZ.Output +15 VDC, 4ADimensions: 6.25" L x 3 ... more info


Model: Kit for Ring-down Speakerphone
Price: $368.00

Weight: 3lbs

Kit for a handsfree, speakerphone telephone with ring-down operation.  Does not include housing or panel.  Kit includes: Telephone ... more info

Model: Weatherproof Strobe Keypad, Auto
Price: $902.00

Weight: 19lbs

Distinctly noticeable blue light emergency handsfree speakerphone for both indoor and outdoor locations. Constructed with a stainless steel panel ... more info


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