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Price: $446.00

Weight: 10lbs

Weather and vandal resistant stainless steel phone in an open enclosure wall mount black housing with telephone emblem on sides. Designed for ... more info

Price: $497.00

Weight: 17lbs

Heavy duty weatherproof stainless steel phone for ring-down operation in a cast aluminum black housing with TELEPHONE on door and pin latch for wall ... more info

Price: $516.00

Weight: 11lbs

Vandal resistant telephone with ring-down operation and instruction window. The telephone is equipped with a 32" armored cord handset with steel ... more info

Price: $362.00

Weight: 7lbs

Strong and compact small stainless steel surface mount wall telephone that will autodial a preprogrammed number when the handset is lifted off-hook. ... more info

Price: $362.00

Weight: 7lbs

SSW Series:  Our rugged compact phones are designed for your most abusive enviroments. This series offer the durability and reliability to ... more info

Price: $271.00

Weight: 5lbs

Durable stainless steel flush mount panel telephone for ring-down operation. The telephone will accept incoming calls and relies on external ... more info


Price: $48.25

Weight: 2lbs

32" Armored cord handset without lanyard.

Price: $422.00

Weight: 16lbs

Vandal resistant stainless steel wall mount telephone for standard keypad dialing with No Ringer.  Equipped with marine quality chrome tone dial ... more info


Price: $9.95

Weight: 0.03125lbs

Modular line cord 2.5 feet.

Price: $442.00

Weight: 16lbs

The CEECO SSC Series telephones are recognized as public phones as the units  have been specifically designed to match the general appearance of ... more info


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