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Model: Emergency Secret Alert Dialer
Price: $285.00

Weight: 3lbs

Emergency Alert Unit. Discrete automatic dialing device designed to dial a emergency number to alert called party and allow discrete monitoring of ... more info

Model: Smart Keypad Weatherproof Phone
Price: $557.00

Weight: 17lbs

Heavy duty weatherproof stainless steel phone in a cast aluminum black housing with TELEPHONE on door and pin latch for wall or pole mount . Designed ... more info

Model: Large 3 Autodial Wall Telephone
Price: $562.00

Weight: 16lbs

Vandal resistant stainless steel wall mount telephone with three automatic dialer pushbuttons. Each push button is programmable from 1-11 digits and ... more info

Model: Call Restrictions Keypad, Flush
Price: $377.00

Weight: 6lbs

Durable stainless steel flush mount panel telephone for dialing with call restrictions. Programmable prefix or access dialing capability, call time ... more info

Model: Ring indicator light phone
Price: $380.00

Weight: 8lbs

Strong and compact small stainless steel surface mount wall telephone with a keypad for standard dialing. Phone is constructed with a marine quality ... more info

Model: Large Wall Telephone w/Keypad
Price: $402.00

Weight: 16lbs

Vandal resistant stainless steel wall mount telephone for standard keypad dialing.  Equipped with marine quality chrome tone dial keypad and ... more info


Model: Locking Screw and retain ring
Price: $8.95

Weight: 0.0625lbs

Outer cover locking screw and retaining ring for SSC model telephones.

Model: Prison Visitation Phone wall mt
Price: $142.00

Weight: 5lbs

Formerly known as SSP-350-X-128: Vandal resistant stainless steel prison visitation or direct connect wall mount panel telephone. Units are designed ... more info

Model: Wall mount, call restriction
Price: $552.00

Weight: 11lbs

Sturdy heavy gauge stainless steel flush mount panel telephone for standard dialing with call restrictions. Programmable features include call ... more info

Model: Large ADA Autodial Speakerphone
Price: $542.00

Weight: 15lbs

Stainless steel wall mount payphone size emergency handsfree speaker phone that automatically dials a preprogrammed number from 1-11 digits when ... more info


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