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Model: Weatherproof ADA Autodial Speake
Price: $607.00

Weight: 15lbs

WPP-531 Series:  Weatherproof and blue light handsfree speakerphone model offering protection and visibility for all your harsh indoor and ... more info


Model: 1 of 12 Alphanumeric keypad stud
Price: $24.50

Weight: 1lbs

Alphanumeric satin chrome stud mount 1 of 12 keypad. Constructed of heavy duty cast zinc, marine quality chrome plated with rubber membrane to seal ... more info

Model: Flush Mount Panel Autodial
Price: $382.00

Weight: 10lbs

SSP-361 Series:  large flush mount panel handset telephones are constructed with vandal resistant high grade stainless steel for durability ... more info

Model: Weatherproof Strobelight Ring-do
Price: $882.00

Weight: 19lbs

WPP-531-X-ADA-R-ST: Distinctly noticeable blue light emergency handsfree speakerphone for both indoor and outdoor locations. Heavy duty stainless ... more info

Model: HOB ADA Ring-down Speakerphone
Price: $530.00

Weight: 10lbs

Weather and vandal resistant stainless steel handsfree speakerphone in an open enclosure wall mount (-R) RED housing with telephone symbol on sides. ... more info

Model: Sealed Ring-down Wall Telephone
Price: $564.00

Weight: 7lbs

Completely sealed dust and corrosion protected surface mount stainless steel telephone with impenetrable magnetic hookswitch incased in housing. ... more info


Model: Spring load for door of WPP
Price: $25.00

Weight: 0.5lbs

Spring loaded door option for vandal resistant, weatherproof telephones.

Model: Autodial or Hot Dial Flush Mount
Price: $291.00

Weight: 5lbs

Compact vandal resistant stainless steel flush mount telephone that is designed to autodial a number when handset is lifted off-hook. Phone will ... more info
301-006 Pole Mounting Bracket for Telephone


Model: Weatherproof Pole Mounting Brkt
Price: $155.00

Weight: 4lbs

Pole Mounting bracket for vandal resistant weather resistant (HOB) and weatherproof (WPP) telephones.  Pole mounting bracket fits poles from ... more info

Model: Weatherproof panel Autodial
Price: $277.00

Weight: 6lbs

Replacement panel phone for Weatherproof WPP-331-D.  Vandal resistant, stainless steel panel telephone with automatic dialer and 18" ... more info



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