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Price: $242.00

Weight: 13lbs

Vandal resistant, weatherproof housing only, pin latch, red with "TELEPHONE" on door. Ideal weatherproof phone boxes for your outdoor ... more info

Price: $431.00

Weight: 7lbs

SSW-321 Series: CEECO's most popular and longest standing handset model provides universities and colleges long-lasting, reliable emergency, ... more info


Price: $195.00

Weight: 3lbs

  Telephone kit, standard X.  Kit consisting of telephone parts for a ring-down telephone. Kit includes: Hookswitch assembly with ... more info

Price: $422.00

Weight: 16lbs

Vandal resistant stainless steel wall mount telephone for standard keypad dialing.  Equipped with marine quality chrome tone dial keypad and ... more info

Price: $590.00

Weight: 16lbs

Vandal resistant stainless steel wall mount telephone with three automatic dialer pushbuttons. Each push button is programmable from 1-11 digits and ... more info

Price: $396.00

Weight: 6lbs

Durable stainless steel flush mount panel telephone for dialing with call restrictions. Programmable prefix or access dialing capability, call time ... more info


Price: $12.95

Weight: 0.0625lbs

Outer cover locking screw and retaining ring for SSC model telephones.

Price: $362.00

Weight: 7lbs

SSW Series:  Our rugged compact phones are designed for your most abusive enviroments. This series offer the durability and reliability to ... more info


Price: $299.25

Weight: 3lbs

Emergency Alert Unit. Discrete automatic dialing device designed to dial a emergency number to alert called party and allow discrete monitoring of ... more info

Price: $515.00

Weight: 10lbs

Weather and vandal resistant stainless steel phone in an open enclosure wall mount black housing with telephone emblem on sides.  Designed for ... more info


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