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CEECO offers branding, custom design, and manufacturing to your specifications.  We have provided communication solutions for many of our customers.  We are committed to our customers and providing the product you need.  Please call us today to discuss your requirements.  Below are a few samples of the products that were designed for our customers.


Our customer needed to have phone access in several locations within a cave and they needed to be able to see they keypad in the dark.  CEECO designed a model when the handset is lifted off-hook a light will automatically illuminate the keypad, so the customer can see the keypad in the dark so they can dial.

Emergency situations call for notification and our customer required our SSC-303-DDD to have a strobe light activate when the red emergency button was pressed.  CEECO redesigned the SSC-303-DDD with a small strobe light that would activate when the red EMERGENCY button was pushed.  This strobe is now available on most wall mount phones. 

CEECO offers custom branding to your colors to include custom logos and emblems.  All phones can be customized with color, instructions or print, and logos.  Quantity minimums are required for custom branding. 


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