About Us

CEECO has been providing telecom solutions since 1930. Our vandal-resistant technology focuses on providing public communication solutions while reducing replacement and repair costs, lowering the customer’s total cost of ownership.  CEECO also offers custom design and branding to customers' specifications.   Our commitment to providing expert service and support extends beyond the warranty of our product. We offer service for the life of the product!  CEECO is devoted to giving our customers the quality and service deserved.

Industry Focused Solutions
CEECO is dedicated to meeting our customer's emergency, security, courtesy, and public telephone requirements, and has been delivering high quality technology to its customers in the private and public business sectors for over 80 years.

A customized CEECO telephone is housed in the Washington Monument. The requirement - build a custom phone that could be installed in an odd shaped space -altering the Monument was not an option.

Telephone Solutions Engineered for Flexibility
One of CEECO's strengths is its ability to understand the unique requirements of its customers and the markets they serve. This understanding has allowed CEECO to develop a family of products that can be off-the-shelf solutions, customized, or built-from-scratch to meet unique customer or application solutions. CEECO also manufactures and supplies related telephone equipment such as hookswitches, dials, technology boards, and keypads.

CEECO Value Added Benefits

Over 70 years of success
Worldwide customer base
Industry leader in custom telephone and manufacturing
Most durable, abuse and vandal resistant telephones available
Technical diversity serving broad range of industries
Complete personalization to meet customer branding requirements
Expert customer service and support
Unprecedented product quality and reliability for a lower cost of ownership
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