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Build Your Phone

You can build the phone the way you want it!

Under Categories (on left column of page) click on the model of interest. Below the model you will have the option to make changes to the features. Item choices that do not have a price listed next to it are changed at no additional cost. Other add-on or item changes that have an additional cost will have the cost of the addition/change next to it. The most popular features are listed under the models; however, if you don't see a change you need, please call us at 1-888-357-0798 or 1-863-357-0798 for assistance as other options are available.

EXAMPLE: Build a Phone

Choose Model:


Vandal resistant, mini stainless steel wall telephone with chrome mechanical hookswitch and tone dial, black 32" armored cord handset with steel lanyard, and mounting backplate.

Do you need a Security Tool? Telephone requires a security tool for installation. If you don’t have one, please order one.

301-037 Security tool ($10.00)

Optional Telephone Power, phone is ANALOG in standard version

VoIP Telephone ($150.00)


Optional Handset Length

12" Armored Cord handset

18" Armored Cord Handset

Optional Handset Color

Red handset ($8.00)
White handset ($8.00)

Optional Volume Control and Background Noise Reducer

Pushbutton volume control and noise reducer within phone ($65.00)
Pushbutton volume control on handset ($75.00)
Noise reducer on handset ($45.00)
Pushbutton volume control and noise reducer on handset ($120.00)

Optional removing of ringer, phone has ringer in standard version

No ringer

Optional hookswitch, phone has mechanical hookswitch in standard version

Magnetic hookswitch

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